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When planning your event, do this first!

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Every event, no matter how big or small requires planning. When you begin to plan your event, keep these things in mind. Know your audience, know your expected outcome, and be realistic. Each of these three steps build on one another to create the event of your dreams.

Start with a "Big Picture" vision. Yes, you'll have to be realistic in a minute. But for now, close your eyes and envision the perfect event. The "money is no object" version with every flower arrangement and guest you could possibly hope for. Use the feeling that vision created for you to start your list of needs and wants. Take note of the items that decorate the room. Write them down. Notice the way the chairs or tables are arranged and write that down as well. This can help you come up with a theme and color scheme, a room layout, and a plan of action.

Make a list and check it twice

List the number of attendees, and keep in mind any special needs your guests may have. Think of yourself in the place of someone attending this event. Will you know where to park, or how to navigate once you arrive. Make simple signage, or plan to have someone welcome guests and guide them to their seat or table. This will help everyone to feel like a valued and welcome guest.

The best events start with the best planning. If you'd like more information, or helpful lists I've created for specific events, call me today. Let's see if Gatherings Event Center in Weatherford is the perfect place for your event.

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